The 6th European CAF Users' Event

European CAF users’ events have been organised on a regular basis since 2003 (Rome-2003, Luxembourg-2005, Lisbon-2007, Bucharest-2010, Oslo - 2012). 
These events have the aim of being an inspiring meeting point for CAF users. They offer an opportunity to take stock of the results achieved with the CAF and its ongoing developments, as well as to discuss its future. This year, Italy (Department for Public Administration and National CAF Resource Center) organised and hosted the 6th CAF users’ event, in cooperation with the network of CAF National Correspondents and the EIPA CAF Resource Centre.
More than 200 participants attended the conference in Rome, where they listened to 6 national cases, 31 speakers, but most importantly, they were able to meet each other and discuss the difficulties, obstacles and solutions they have faced.
We are pleased to present here the highlights of the European CAF Users’ Event. The 6th event had a special focus on the CAF & Education. Why does a school decide to use the CAF model? What kind of improvement actions are more frequently taken following the examples of good practices given by the model? What are the emerging trends of performance improvement? And, last but not least, what kind of impact does the repeated use of CAF have on the organisational culture?
Various keynote speakers and practical cases have demonstrated the benefit, the practicalities and the lessons learnt from working with the CAF. Topics such as social responsibility, evaluation systems and administrative capacity building have also been highlighted, looking at experiences implemented in sectors other than education and using tools other than CAF.
Plenary and parallel sessions have offered an occasion to reflect on the importance of the continuous performance improvement of public sector organisations and to focus on strategic performance dimensions in the 2020 perspective.

The 6th CAF Users’ event was regarded as a big success, 55% of participants expressed their opinion evaluating  it  with 8 out of 10 on average. 
This is considered a very good result and we think that this also shows that the CAF dynamic is still alive  and is not likely to stop in the coming years.

All the  information about the conference, together with all the presentations (cases and keynotes) have also been published on the CAF website of EIPA (under the menu “EU CAF Users’ Events”)

Ultimo aggiornamento:  15/12/2014